About Us

Welcome to THC Overdose! And no, you can't.

We are a small time blog that covers everything about cannabis. From smoking, to the latest trends in glass. We also have extensive in-depth guides​ on growing your own marijuana so you can avoid messing around with shady characters just to get a little herb.

Our goal is to be somewhere you can turn to for any of cannabis questions, or even just a place where you can hang out with like minded people.

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Smoking Games - Having fun games to play with your friends isn't something you can only do when you're drinking. No, there are TONS of fun smoking games out there, and we compiled a list of them all! With 48 games to choose from, you're guaranteed to not have a boring smoke sesh for quite some time.

Bong Name Generator - One of our most popular games. Simply hit the button and it spits out an awesome name for your pipe or bong. We are always adding to the list so you don't have to worry about getting the same one every time, and you'll always find something you like. We'd love to hear your favorite bong names, so drop us them in the comments section.

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Bong vs Pipe - Our spin on the never ending debate on what is better to smoke from.

Cannabis Cooking Calculator - A simple calculator we built to help you get the perfect edible dosage every time!

Grow room Ventilation Calculator- A guide to help you nail down your grow rooms needed CFM.