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    What to do With Weed Trimmings: 5 Ways to Make use of Your Trim

    Most growers disregard their cannabis trimmings. But the smart ones think: Hmmm, what can I do with weed trimmings? They’ve been led to believe that these leaves, sometimes referred to as “sugar leaves,” or “fan leaves” serve no purpose for the marijuana enthusiast.Why Are Cannabis Buds Trimmed?Why should I waste all the trichome-covered leaves by trimming them, you ask? Well, there […]

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    The Best Glass Blunt: Twisty Glass Blunts Review

    One of the tried and true methods of smoking marijuana is with a blunt. Blunts are great for those who want to pack a lot of weed or are sharing with a bunch of friends. They’re sturdier than joints, hold more than bowls, and are more portable than bongs. The only downside? Blunt wraps usually contain nicotine and other […]

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    The Best Rosin Press: Commercial or Personal Use

    Rosin extraction is making waves among cannabis lovers. Rosin represents a new era of purity and refined smokable products. Rosin is also gaining popularity due to the increased interest in concentrates over the last decade, particularly solventless methods. And because it’s so easy to make, more and more people are looking to make their own at home. This demand […]

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    The Best Butane to Use for BHO Extraction

    Looking to make some homemade wax or shatter? I don’t blame you. The stuff is AWESOME! But, if you’re going to make high-quality wax, you’re going need the best butane for BHO extraction. Today, we take a look at what butane you should be using for your concentrates and how to be safe while extracting.Quick Top 5 Butane for BHO:RankProductRatingPriceWhip-it! […]

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    Hemp 101: A Complete Lesson on Hemp

    The myths and misinformation about cannabis, put it’s helpful cousin in a peculiar spot. Hemp use is intertwined in the fabric of human history. Until the the classification of cannabis as an illegal drug, hemp was poised to be a billion dollar industry. Hemp can help save farms, reduce our foot print and make us all healthier. So, why […]

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