The Best Bong Cleaner Solution: Just Say No to Dirty Bongs

Have you ever taken a rip off a dirty bong?

It’s not fun and can ruin the experience of smoking your favorite strains.

Cleaning, well, it sucks too.

Today, I’ll show you the best bong cleaner brands, how to make the best homemade bong cleaner and a brief rundown on how to clean your bong.

Quick Top 5 Bong Cleaners:

How Often Should You Clean Your Bong?

The frequency you clean your bong is going to depend on how much a nasty bong bothers you.

I know some smokers that clean it before every smoke session, and those that basically never do.

Like with everything, there’s a happy medium.

After every few sessions or anytime you start to see resin build up, it’s ready to be cleaned.

Also, if you’re rips start to taste like resin or tar, it's time to clean your piece.

The Best Homemade Bong Cleaner

Before we look at the best solutions you can buy to keep your bong clean, I wanted to show you that you don’t need all the fancy stuff.

Instead, arguably the best way to clean your bong is with 99% ISO alcohol that you can pick up at the grocery store and some salt.

Coarse salt usually works better, but you can use any.

The cleaning process with this solution is super easy too.

Just fill your bong with the alcohol, add a good amount of salt and shake the crap out of it.

Just don’t forget to plug the holes while you shake it or, well, you know.

There are a few downsides to using alcohol, though.

Namely, the alcohol might not be strong enough to tackle thick resin, and it can get pretty messy.

Plus, the alcohol can wear your glass down because it’s so strong and rough on your glass so it might not be the best way to clean a bong.

Homemade Bong Cleaner with No Alcohol

Do you need your bong cleaned but don’t have any alcohol, or have the time to wait for your bong cleaner to arrive in the mail?

If so, then there are a couple of options available to you.

  • First, one way is to boil your bong in water. After boiling it for awhile, don’t remove it until the water cools down. Rapidly cooling your hot glass can break your bong.
  • Acetone (nail polish remover) does a great job cleaning your bong as well.
  • If you have nothing else, you can go with warm water and salt, but it won’t do a great job.

The Best Bong Cleaner 2017

Formula 420 Glass Cleaner

Formula 420 Glass Metal Ceramic Pipe Cleaner 12 Oz. 3 Pack

If you’re looking for the best bong cleaner, look no further than Formula 420.

Their cleaner is 10x better than alcohol and smells nice too.

Just mix the solution with some hot water, or throw it straight on your glass, and it obliterates the resin.

If you want an all in one solution, then you don’t even need to keep reading this is your cleaner.

It also works well when cleaning your resin clogged grinders.

Grunge Off Super Soaker Cleaner

Grunge Off Super Soaker Glass Pipe Cleaner, 16 Ounce (2 Pack)

It was hard not to put Grunge Off at the top of this list.

At the end of the day, Formula 420 won out, but you should know that it was just by a hair.

This product is awesome!

To get the most out of this clear, you need some of the Resolution Caps we’ll be talking about later (They ranked #7), but you don’t need them for this cleaner to be great.

You need to fill your bong with Grunge Off and let it soak overnight.

No scrubbing or anything, you’re bong will just be good as new.

It’s bloody magic, man.

What’s best is this bong cleaner is REUSABLE—which is a quality I love in the best glass bong cleaner.

Now, it does lose its strength the more you use it, but hey, it’s more than we get out of most cleaners.

RezBlock Concentrate by 420-Science

'RezBlock Concentrate by 420 Science - 15ml - Pipe Glass Cleaner '

Now, is it a bong cleaner if it keeps your bong from ever getting dirty in the first place?

I’d say so!

RezBlock by 420 Science, is an all natural and organic drop that you put in your bong water to prevent resin build up from every occurring.

This stuff is made from nothing but Fruit extracts, vegetable glycerin, purified water and citric acid.

And to clean your bong, you’ll just have to rinse it out with water.

It does add a bit of a red tint to your bong water, but it doesn't affect the flavor at all.

It prevents any wax buildups too.

You only need a few drops to get good results so this little concentrated bottle will last you a long time.

Orange Chronic Cleaner

Orange Chronic Cleaner 16 oz Pack of 2

Just a bit stronger than alcohol, this bong cleaner does a good job.

They claim immediate results, but I imagine with thicker resin it’s going to take some soaking time to get it clean.

If you’re looking for a cleaner that will work with a silicone bong, look elsewhere.

At this price for two bottles, it’s a great deal.

Master Glass Bong Cleaner

GRAND MASTER SMOKE (32oz) GLASS PIPE CLEANER/BONG CLEANER (Formerly Zen Master Cleaner) Biodegradable Formula - for cleaning your heady glass - 420 & 710 cleaner - removes tar, oil, wax & resin

This is a bong cleaner that will clean any of your pieces.

It doesn’t matter if it’s glass, ceramic, metal or acrylic this cleaner does it all.

Just apply the cleaner and let it work, you don’t even have to scrub anything!

This non-toxic formula will also take the resin smell from your bong.

This formula is better for pipes than bongs because you have to submerge the piece for it to work, so it takes a lot for a bigger bong.

Randy’s Black Label Cleaner

Randy's Black Label Glass, Metal, Ceramic Cleaner, 12 fl. oz.

Randy's Black Label Bong Cleaner is one of our favorites.

Works quick to eradicate resin, and can clean any of your bongs whether they’re glass, metal or ceramic.

It’s also a better deal than the other bong cleaners that have made the list so far—it’s almost half the cost of the nest cheapest one.

Randys is super easy to use too: just shake, soak and rinse.

This is the best cleaner for dab rigs.

It works great on concentrates, even in those crazy, hard to reach percs like a honeycomb perc.

ResOlution Universal Cleaning Caps

ResOlution Caps Universal Caps for Cleaning, Storage, and Odor Proofing Glass Water Pipes/Rigs and More - Green

I know you’re asking what the heck these are doing on a list of the best bong cleaners, and I get it.

But, these caps save you so much time and mess when you’re cleaning that they couldn’t be left out.

You can use these on most bongs (they’re universal) in conjunction with alcohol and salt or one of the bong cleaners mentioned in this list.

The liquid that’s left over after cleaning is disgusting.

The last thing you want is to spill that much all over the place!

Well, not only do the caps stop that from happening, but thanks to them you can vigorously shake your alcohol filled bong to get rid of that stubborn resin in its percolators.

As a bonus, you can use it to protect your carpet from bong water spills when you’re not smoking.

KLEAR Kryptonite Cleaner

KLEAR-KINE Kryptonite Glass Cleaner | 420 & 710 Remover | 470ml Bottle | 2 Pack

Kryptonite is a newer brand but it's making waves.

It’s even the only cleaner that’s passed Colorado Health and Safety Board’s tests.

It works great cleaning both your bong and dab rig.

You only need about 30 minutes for this cleaner to do its job—you don’t even have to shake anything.

Make sure not to use this on an acrylic bong, though.

It’s an alcohol-free cleaner, so you can expect that it’s a lot easier on your glass.

I like that it’s clear and there are no added colors.

Resin water is already dirty enough; we don’t need it to be any worse should we spill it all over the floor.

Formula Advanced Cleaner

Formula 710 Advanced Cleaner Safe On Pyrex, Glass, Metal, and Ceramic by Formula 420 - Assorted Sizes (16oz - Large)

Are you looking for something to just clean your dab rig?

If so, the Formula 710 Cleaner, by the same people that brought us Formula 420, is one of the best.

It works quickly and takes all the smell of a dirty dab rig with it.

It works using patented AbrasivAction cleaning tech that works exactly how you’d think.

And thanks to it, you don’t have to soak your piece.

Just shake it a bit, and it’s good to go.

It’s a great dab cleaner but isn’t the best all around cleaner.

Agent Orange Soaker Cleaner

Agent Orange Super Soaker Bowl and Pipe Cleaner Earth Friendly 12 Oz

This is another formula brought to us by Orange, that’s not quite as good as their Chronic cleaner.

While the Chronic is supposed to be a quick acting formula, this one is meant for soaking your pieces.

It works fine enough and is easy to use, but you don’t get as much for your dollar as the others on this list.

It’s also a nasty looking liquid before you even clean it so be sure not to spill any.

It doesn’t leave a taste behind on your glass and is Earth Friendly.

While it may not be the best bong cleaning solution, it's a great option for someone wanting a healthier cleaner.


Do you need to buy bong cleaner?

Probably, not.

Alcohol and salt work just fine.

And that’s why a few of our top bong cleaners were tools that worked hand in hand with alcohol.

I prefer to buy bong cleaner, however, because it makes the cleaning process easier and less messy.

What do you think is the best bong cleaner? Or do you just use alcohol or maybe hot water?

Let’s talk about it in the comments below or on our Facebook or Instagram!

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