The Best Marijuana Cookbook | How to Make Easy Edibles

Edibles are a great way to consume marijuana.

When you consume foods made with cannabis, you're getting the effect of marijuana without inhaling smoke into your lungs.

Oh, and when done right...they can taste pretty good too.

Nowadays, the world of edibles is more than making brownies that taste like pot.

Let’s take a look at the best marijuana cookbook out there for all your edible needs.

Quick Top 5 Best Marijuana Cookbooks:

Why Go With Edibles?

Edibles are great for marijuana beginners because it takes away any potential gross-out factor of having to smoke marijuana.

It’s much like the cognitive dissonance between petting a pig at a fair and then walking off and eating bacon.

You don’t see what is going into the food, so it changes your feelings on consuming it.

Speaking of things not meeting the eye, edibles can also pack quite the high.

This is a fact that many may not realize it at first.

When you smoke cannabis, the THC goes directly into your bloodstream.

Cannabis edibles take a little longer.

Don’t Go Too Hard with the Edibles

While the high takes longer to achieve, in the same breath, it lasts longer than a smoking high will.

Due to this wait, many tend to get impatient and eat more edibles in one sitting.

Then the high hits and they freak out.

Overeating weed can lead to a THC overdose.

THC overdoses aren’t deadly, but they’re not the best feeling in the world either.

Just lay off of the edibles, drink water, and wait for the spins and nausea to stop.

What to Look for in a Marijuana Cookbook

Cooking with marijuana has almost become an art form.

In fact, there are pot-infused dishes in many restaurants where marijuana is legalized.

With the growth of knowledge, many chefs are eager to share their pot recipes.

When you are looking to purchase the best marijuana cookbook, finding the right one is a matter of taste.

For some, it may be about variety.

While for others are just looking to satiate their sweet tooth.

Whatever your desires are, we all want the same result—to get high.

So, here is a breakdown of some of the best marijuana cookbooks out there. 

The Best Marijuana Cookbook

This book is written by Cheri Sicard, who prides herself as the “Martha Stewart of Weed.”

However, with her Pot Luck Show alongside Snoop Dogg, I believe Martha Stewart may have to beg to differ.

The Easy Cannabis Cookbook has your whole day planned out perfectly.

From soups and salads to appetizers to main courses, every occasion is covered.

The versatility exhibited in the recipes throughout the book shows just how far the world of cooking with cannabis has become.

If you believe that your guac needs a little extra kick of greens or your BBQ chicken needs a little something-something, this book has you covered.

On top of versatility in courses, Chef Sicard is sure to deliver recipes that have an emphasis on the word “easy.”

The instructions are very precise and easy to understand.

Perhaps the biggest caveat is the lack of pictures.

While easy to follow, this cannabis cookbook is a bit text heavy.

Breaking up the monotony of all the instructions with colorful pictures of what the final product should be a nice added touch.


  • Has every meal of the day covered
  • Recipes are easy
  • Versatile menu of recipes


  • Lacking in pictures
  • A bit text heavy

The first thing to stand out about this book is its cover.

It has sort of an old-school, Leave it to Beaver, vintage vibe with its soft yellow hue and cannabis-laden quilt patterns.

Past the cover, the inside has a nice balance of crisp pictures that belong on any foodie’s Instagram page.

Speaking of foodies, they'll love the recipes in this book.

That’s because any dish made with marijuana is only as good as the cannabutter used to make it. 

When made poorly, cannabutter make your foods taste heavy.

This book offers up a formula for cannabutter or cannabis cooking oil that has a lighter taste to the palate.

The difference will be a more satisfying meal.

The 420 Gourmet runs the gamut as it has everything covered from vegan to kosher to gluten-free.

On top of that, the books contain a dosage chart to ensure you're getting the right high.

With the foodie cover, pics and taste, you can only imagine the breadth of recipes in this book.


  • Crisp and inspiring pictures
  • Really neat cover
  • Has vegan and kosher-free offerings


  • Most recipes take a long time to complete

Like The 420 Gourmet, you'll also notice the cover for Cannabis Cookbook.

That’s because the book has an obnoxiously long title (that I shortened for time restraints).

Title aside, this book is good for some cannabis beginners because it goes a bit further explaining the differences between smoking marijuana and eating it.

Before jumping into cooking, Cannabis Cookbook quickly takes the reader through the do’s and don’ts of cooking with marijuana and what you can expect your body to feel after consuming the edibles in the book.

They share a lot of useful information while getting straight to the point and not boring you with the details.

At this very moment, that’s where the in-depth instruction ends.

Just like the obscenely long title, there are some editing issues within the book.

For instance, some recipes will call for the use of ingredients smack dab in the middle of one of the cooking steps.

Sure, sounds typical of a cookbook!

However, the ingredients being called for in these steps are not outlined with all of the other ingredients listed at the top of the recipe for some of the entrees in Cannabis Cookbook.

Therefore, if you’re in a groove, you might have to stop what you’re doing unexpectedly to hunt down a specific ingredient.

Also, some recipes call for uncommon ingredients that render no explanation, such as calling for a cup of green dragon.

Green dragon is a type of tea.

However, any common person off the street is probably not aware of that.

Little things like adding the word tea at the end would go a long way in making this cookbook more user-friendly.


  • Contains a lot of valuable information about cannabis


  • Too much info, more for beginners to marijuana rather than cooking with cannabis
  • Ingredients pop up in middle of recipe

With a name like Herb, these recipes have to taste good.

While the name of the book seems to go back to basics, the recipes inside of it do not.

Many of the recipes in this book are full-on cannabis-infused entrees.

Sure, that sounds ideal.

After all, you did buy a cookbook!

However, be prepared to do some serious cooking.

A lot of the recipes contain a high quantity of ingredients.

On top of the jam-packed ingredients list, the instructions outlined in some of these recipes are pretty complex.

Therefore, this might not be the most suitable book for beginners to cooking, let alone cannabis cooking.

However, each recipe is accompanied by a full-page, sharply colored picture.

With that, you at least know what you should expect the plate to look like.

Lastly, if you are going to order Herb, make sure to get a physical copy.

Versions of the cookbook purchased over and downloaded onto a phone or tablet have not been user-friendly.

The writing is very small, and it's near impossible to make it legible on a device.


  • Has unique entrees
  • Beautiful pictures to accompany recipes


  • Full-on meals, not the easiest cookbook to use
  • Tablet and phone purchases aren’t user-friendly

This is a great cookbook for someone who is just starting out with cooking marijuana.

While Cannabis Cookbook glances on the in’s and out’s of cooking with cannabis, The Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook explores the subject a bit further.

Here, they touch more on dosing and the effects of different strains on the body.

This is especially helpful for those who are interested in marijuana solely for medicinal purposes.

While this information is very useful, buckle up because it’s going to be a while.

Everything from the chemical makeup of cannabis, the differences between weed and hemp, as well as how to grow marijuana and store it properly, are all covered.

After all that, the recipes are a bit of an afterthought.

It's like when you buy your college textbook, and that have that add-on workbook shoved in the shrink wrap.

However, all that added information does get carried over into the cooking stage.

Each recipe in the book goes over the dosing so that you feel comfortable with how much the outcome will affect you.

Lastly, the pictures are stunning.

So, if you are looking for a book that educates you, offers up some recipes, and has beautiful pictures Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook may be your best bet.


  • Covers pairing strains to specific needs, allowing you to customize your meal
  • Explains dosing


  • Not many recipes to choose from

A lot of people complain that most recipes in cannabis cookbooks are just regular recipes.

The only difference is that instead of using regular ol’ Country Crock butter or extra virgin olive oil, you would use cannabutter and cannabis-infused oil.

However, this book switches up that game.

In Cannabis Cuisine, you learn how to make different types of oils and budders so that you feel like you are using a different type of product in the recipe.

This book exhibits a lot of heart.

Chef Drummer explains why she felt compelled to begin cooking with cannabis.

As she takes you through the book, she also takes you through her story.

For food selections, this book has everything you need from brunch to vegan to fish.

Another nice little perk is that there's a reference guide on the last page of the book, so you don't have to go scrambling through pages to find the recipe you were working on.  

While there are many positives, the one major drawback is the pictures.

Sure, each recipe is equipped with a beautiful picture.

However, it is tucked away in the top corner, on the same page as the recipe.

You still get the point.

However, some of the other cookbooks on this list contain real works of art in comparison.


  • Gives different oils and budders to break up monotony of recipes
  • Reference guide at back of book


  • Small pictures don’t give the best idea of how the food should look

With this book, you can have your cake and get baked too.

The author, Karin Lazarus, actually owns her cannabis bakery in Boulder, Colorado.

So, she is sharing some of her secrets to success with us in this one.

What stands out about Sweet Mary Jane from everyone else is the personality in her writing.

Lazarus has a sense of humor that shines throughout the book.

This book has every dessert you can imagine, including the ever-popular pot brownie.

All of the recipes are easy to follow and don’t include any ingredients that will have you scrambling to get the grocery store.


  • Author has great sense of humor
  • Has every dessert under the sun
  • Gorgeous images throughout the book


  • It’s just desserts

This isn’t your average cookbook.

While many of the cookbooks give you useful information, at the end of the day, it could be like reading a textbook.

However, The Cannabis Cookbook turns the extra info into fun infographics, charts and pictures.

Doing this breaks down the monotony of information overload.

Another big plus is they go over dosing recommendations per servings for those who want to feel the effects of recreational use or medicinal needs in a neat chart.

Lastly, this cookbook does more than just food.

It also gets into natural products such as hemp seed soap.

This here is a cooking adventure bound up in the confines of a book.


  • Also has cosmetic recipes like hemp soap
  • Text broken up with infographics, illustrations and side sections


  • No measurements for how much cannabis to include in each recipe

Yes, it tells how to make cannabis-infused oil and cannabutter, but this book also teaches you how to make cannaflour!

While 50 recipes may not sound like a lot, The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook covers a lot of ground regarding variety.

For instance, there are recipes for unique dishes like peanut butter filled jalapenos or a dessert such as lavender cookies.

Heck, there’s even a recipe for lobster tail.  

With that being said, the level of difficulty on some of these has serious range.

Some of the recipes are quite easy and can be whipped up without much thought.

Others require ingredients no one would normally carry and you need some culinary skill to pull off the dish.

While the picture on the cover is unimpressive and borderline cheesy with the big pot plant on the cake, the ones inside are much prettier.


  • Teaches how to make cannaflour
  • Very unique dishes you won’t find in any other cookbook, let alone cannabis cookbook


  • Very uncommon ingredients for some recipes, might not have on hand


Edibles can be one of the best ways to enjoy cannabis.

You don't need to be a great cook either!

Just follow the recipes in any one of the best marijuana cookbooks we reviewed here, and you're sure to make your guests happy!

Have you cooked from any of these books?

We'd love to hear what you made and how it turned out!

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