The Top 13 Best Pipes for Weed that are Smooth as

I think it’s safe to say we all love smoking weed.

And pipes have long been a favorite among cannabis consumers because of their portability, durability and they also help tone down the smell.

If you’re looking to get a new pipe, you’ll want to keep reading to see what we chose as the best pipes for weed.

Quick Top 5 Pipes for Weed:

The Best Pipes for Weed

Grav Labs Sherlock

Say what you will about Grav Labs glass, 9/10 time their pieces are badass.

What better to top our list then the classic Grav Labs Sherlock?

The pipe is crazy affordable without sacrificing quality a bit.

It’s a surprisingly big pipe (6”), and it’s 32mm thick.

Thanks to the ancient design, you never have to worry about inhaling pieces of weed or ash, and you can get it in your favorite color.

The design can make it a little difficult to clean, but I say that’s a small price to pay for what you get with this pipe.

Empire Glassworks Dragon Shere Pipe

I must admit, this pipe finds itself on this list in large part to my lifelong love of Dragon Ball Z.

But, it’s a lot more than that.

Heady glass is what Empire Glassworks have built their empire on, and they pulled all the stops out for this Shenron inspired Dragon Sphere Pipe.

It’s a little more than you’d want to spend on a pipe you plan to have with you on the go everywhere.

Empire blows all their glass in America from high-grade scientific glass.

Once you get this pipe in your hand, you’ll notice how thick and heavy it is.

It feels like you’re holding an awesome pipe in your hand.

At 5” in length, this pipe rips.

Grav Labs Doughnut Spoon

As you’ll come to find out, Grav Labs is one of the best glass pipe brands there is, and this list will be littered with their pieces.

This one right here is their simple doughnut spoon.

Nothing fancy here at all, yet it’s one of the smoothest hitting pipes on this list.

And why doughnut?

It’s named after the circle design in the stem of the pipe.

This circle works as an ash catcher by blocking them.

The design really shows that Grav is really thinking about the smoker when they are engineering their glass.

The pipe is 4” long, and you can get it in 10 different colors.

Crystal Voyager Ceramic Pipe by Summerland

This is as ethereal as a pipe gets.

It’s a beautiful pipe made to look like a crystal, but it’s actually a ceramic pipe that’s made from a Made from lead-free glaze.

The pipe is a small one that fits easily into your pocket—but at 4” long it’s still easy to hit.

If you’re looking for a pipe that looks like an actual crystal, you can buy a pipe made out of real rose quartz.

Going with a ceramic version creates a more pristine vibe.

The pipe is a lot more than most, but that’s what you can expect from pipes made in California.

Helix Spoon Pipe by Grav Labs

Now, I promise there are more than just Grav Lab pipes on this list!

This is one of the few pipes that you can pick up in a couple of different sizes.

6 to 7 inches makes a huge difference in the size of the bowl.

What makes this pipe so special, though, is it’s Venturi chamber.

There is seriously nothing else like it, and it’s what the entire Helix brand is built upon.

It creates a vortex with the smoke that dramatically reduces the smokes temperature on its way through the pipe.

This makes it one of the smoothest hitting bowls, allowing you to take huge rips.

The reason this pipe isn’t higher on the list is it’s price.

You definitely pay for the quality on this one.

Chubby Spoon Pipe By Purr

Purr glass is not normally known for their hand pipes—it’s their awesome bongs that make everyone love them.

This little beast is as good as it gets, though.

It’s only 3 ½” long, but it's THICK.

Made in California, this pipe is available in 7 colors.

UPC Gandalf Pipe

Wanna feel cool?

Then you can’t not pick up this Gandalf glass pipe.

Available in five different colors and two different sizes, you can get one that you’ll fall in love with.

UPC makes this pipe out of high-quality scientific glass.

They gave it a huge/deep bowl, so be prepared to stuff a ton of weed in it.

If you want a pipe you can pass around and have fun with friends, this is the best pipe for you.

It’s blob feet make it easy to stand this pipe up, and it’s American made glass.

Chameleon Glass Skellington Pipe

I’ve always been a fan of more heady pieces, and have loved the work of Chameleon glass.

A firm believer in American blown glass, and supporting smaller artists, Chameleon is a brand you can trust.

This 4” pipe is playing off the pop culture phenomena, The Night Before Christmas.

The coolest part, though, is that it glows in dark

It also has a really deep bowl making it a good pipe to share bowls with company.

Grav Labs Helix Steamroller

This is the last Grav I promise!

It’s a steamroller with the same Helix vortex as the one earlier, so you know your hits are going to be smooth.

The biggest difference between the two is where the carb is.

As with any steamroller, the carb is located at the front of the pipe, and you close it with your pointer finger instead of your thumb.

The hole is also bigger, so you’re able to bring more air into your lungs with your draw.

You can only get it in one size, though, which is 6”.

Chameleon Glass Cheshire Cat

Another awesome pipe from Chameleon, this pipe is inspired by Alice in Wonderland's, Cheshire Cat.

And, boy do they nail it.

Blown in Arizona, like all their glass, this pipe is also glow in the dark.

For such a heady piece, you’d expect the price tag to be a lot steeper then it is.

It’s got a deep bowl, and the attention to detail is amazing.

Not really anything you can say to knock it.

Sesh Supply Theseus Spoon Bubbler Hybrid

Another brand that we love here, Sesh Supply puts out extreme quality without the high-end price tag.

In my opinion, Sesh Supply has some of the best percs out there, and they took that technology to this hand pipe.

The Theseus Spoon is both a spoon pipe and a bubbler.

The design is like nothing you’ve ever seen.

It has a spill-proof internal chamber that prevents the water from ever coming close to your mouth.

And it’s known as one of the smoothing hitting pipes because of how cool the smoke is thanks to the water.

At 6” long, this hybrid is a beast.

Dankgeek Grenade Hand Pipe

I just love the design of this glass pipe!

It’s from Dank Geeks own line of glass (who is one of the top online headshops and is blown to look like a grenade.

At 4” long, this pipe is the perfect size to fit in your hands, and the shape makes it comfortable to hit.

The bowl is deep and made of thick borosilicate glass, but I mainly just love it for the look.

Colored and Fumed Spoon

I wanted to throw this in here to show you that even the most basic colored and fumed spoons that you can get are great pieces.

Most of what you’ll find at your local headshop is glass like this.

Either blown from local artists or just no-named glass pipes that you can basically pick based on their aesthetic appeal.

Fumed glass means that it will change colors as you smoke from it, and this particular one is hand blown in America.


This is just 13 glass pipes out of tens of thousands of glass pipes design.

These may be the what I think are the 13 best pipes for weed, but what’s your opinion?

I’d love to hear about it, or if you’ve hit any of these, then I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

Let’s smoke about it in the comments below!

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