Gifts for Stoners

Shop the Best Gifts for Stoners

Want the coolest cannabis swag there is? We are always searching the internet for the coolest gifts for stoners and showcasing them here. Cannabis growing kits, sweaters, stickers and bongs, heck, we even found a marijuana Christmas tree!

Zak the Zebra Bong

Did you know Zebras bark? Yeah, us neither. Don’t worry, this kick-ass zebra bong is completely quiet as you inhale thick clouds out of its butt. Thanks, Zak.

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Nug Life Bikini

Are you ready for summer? Show off your love for cannabis and your rocking beach body by picking up this cute two piece bathing suit!

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Hootie & Friends Bong

Empire is at it again with this beautiful forest-themed bong. Decked out with owls and shrooms, this bong will make every single one your friends jealous!

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Canabis Baggie Pillowcase

Giant Stash - Baggie of Cannabis Weed Pillowcase

Have you ever thought that you really want a pillowcase that looks exactly like a bag of weed? Well, your dream is about o come true! Plus, it has a secret stash pocket 😉

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Volcano Vape Case

VapeCase Kush Series Volcano Black

You’ve just spent a stupid amount of money on the best vaporizer ever made—the Volcano. You NEED to protect it right. This hard case allows you to rest at ease.

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Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed

The Scratch & Sniff Book of Weed

This is the perfect coffee table book or gift for your favorite stoner friend! It’s a fun way to learn the history of cannabis by… smelling? It makes for an interesting conversation at least.

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Hit It Panties

Hit It Pot Leaf Marijuana Weed Funny Women's Boyshort Underwear Panties

You can never have enough cute panties. These comfy boy-short style panties are with a bud leaf reminding you that it’s always time to hit it! We mean cannabis you pervert.

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Puff Pack Mystery Pack

This is the perfect monthly box for anyone that smokes a lot of cannabis. You get tons of papers, plus a new piece of glass each month. And it’s super affordable.

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The 20th Cannabis Cup

High Times Presents The 20th Cannabis Cup

Want to peer into the longest running cannabis competition on the planet? This movie lets you look at the worlds top strains. Warning: Your mouth WILL water!

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Green Crack Seeds

An extremely popular strain that was once known as Cush or Green Cush until the infamous Snoop Dog dubbed it Green Crack. It will leave you energized and stress-free.

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Cannabis Chef Outfit

Forum Novelties Men's Cannabis Costume Hat and Apron, Green, Standard

Want the perfect outfit for making yummy edibles? This setup will let everyone know what they can expect when you’re the one cooking! Plus, it’s comfortable!

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Marijuana Leaf Fedora

Cannabis Leaf Novelty Fedora Hat


Have you ever wanted a fedora? I mean everyone wants to be Howie Mandel, right? Not to mention this it has two slots for carrying joints! And who doesn’t want a joint slot in your hat?

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Can’t We All Just Get a Bong?

Womens Can't We All Just Get A Bong Cannabis Pot Weed T-Shirt Medium Black

I don’t see why we couldn’t if we all had one of these shirts! The 100% cotton feels GREAT on your skin. It’s available in 3 different colors and men and women’s sizes.

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Cannabis 3-Piece Suit

Forum Novelties Men's Joint Venture Suit Cannabis Costume, Green, Standard

It doesn’t matter who you are. You are going to look good in this. The perfect suit for any party or business meeting. Well, I guess that last part depends on where you work.

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Weed Confetti

Beistle 59930, 4 Ounces Fanci Fetti Weed (Green)

Planning an awesome cannabis party? You can’t celebrate without dropping this confetti shaped like weed leaves 🙂 And I am sure you can think of all the dirty pranks you can play with this…

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Marijuana Leaf Guitar Picks

Marijuana Leaf Pot Weed Psychedelic Novelty Guitar Picks Medium Gauge - Set of 6

If you have a guitar player that loves cannabis in your life, you will love these guitar picks. They come in a pack of 6 are medium and sound great! So what are you waiting for? Rock out!

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Empire Pineapple Bong

Is your favorite fruit a pineapple? Love it on your pizza? Anyways, this bong is awesome and beautifully designed. Just don’t drink the bong water, tempting as it may be.

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Mini Beehive Bong

The honey dripping down this beehive bong will make your mouth water with every hit you take. It’s made from Empire, so you know that you are getting quality glass.

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