How to Start Growing Weed for Dispensaries in Any Legal State

Times, they are a-changin' for pot farmers across the US and Canada.

Today, anyone looking to grow and sell cannabisto dispensaries, they are no longer regulated to the black market.

Increasingly, pot farmers are growing out in the open; selling their products to top-notch dispensaries all through a system of government laws and regulations.

Here's how to start growing weed for dispensaries no matter which legal state you live in.

Why Is The Open Market Better Than the Black Market?

The short answer is that the open market is far less risky than the black market.

If you grow cannabis today, provided you are growing in a legalized state, you no longer have to operate in the shadows.

But there are more benefits to growing legal cannabis than just lower risk fo jail time.

Today, legal cannabis is revolutionizing the industry.

Farmers can hone their craft, through the open sharing of knowledge and experience.

This has dramatically changed the quality level of the product.

Plus, it goes without saying, the money you make selling cannabis to dispensaries today can go straight into the bank, no more hiding cash from your cannabis farm!

Understanding the Laws In Your Region

The legal landscape is still pretty complicated, especially in the US.

If you want to grow marijuana, keep in mind the US federal government still classifies it as a Schedule I drug, alongside substances like methamphetamines and heroin.

However, more states than ever before have taken the issue of marijuana into their own hands, with 29 and counting allowing for medical and recreational marijuana.

The legal landscape is still pretty complicated, especially in the US.

Do some research before getting started growing your own cannabis, because even if you live in a legalized state, not all allow people to grow at their house.

You’ll also likely need special licenses to grow marijuana, well beyond a simple business license.

Do You Qualify to Start a Marijuana Business?

If you’ve determined that you can, in fact, legally start growing marijuana for dispensaries in your region, now it’s time to explore if you, personally, can start a marijuana business.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you felony free?
  • Are you a resident of the state you wish to operate in?
  • Do you have alternative financing, because most national banks do not get involved with any marijuana businesses?
  • Do you have time to wait while the licensing process is finalized?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, there might be some serious roadblocks in your way.

How to Gain Experience Growing Weed

Hopefully, you already have some experience growing weed, which inspired your pursuit to start your own pot farm.

But what if you don’t?

Start reading, get your hands dirty, and start growing.

Nothing beats learning to grow weed yourself, which is so much easier than ever before thanks to the many free resources online.

Start small, and explore through trial and error what it takes to grow a seriously potent crop.

Growing weed, even for the professionals, is a never-ending process of learning.

Even if you’ve successfully harvested thousands of plants, there are still new techniques to master, and new methods to experiment with.

Get a Job Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana helps, but working on a cannabis farm is even better.

Just because you can grow cannabis at home, doesn’t mean you understand what it might take to start a cannabis growing business.

As any cannabis farmer will tell you, the two are very different from each other.

These days, because cannabis is largely out in the open now, there are places you can go to look up marijuana-specific jobs.

Check out websites like the Ganjapreneur and the Cannabis Jobs Board for openings in your area.

Understanding There Are Highs and Lows to Growing Marijuana

Just like any business, it's not always sunshine and rosebuds in the cannabis industry.

There are highs, but there are also lows.

The regulations around even legal cannabis are strict and complex.

Medicine Man recently described their experience starting a successful cannabis farm in Colorado to All4.

He covers the very basics of what it took for them to get started growing in Colorado, from seed to sale.

Grow Marijuana Based on Demand

In the not-so-distant past, it didn’t matter what kind of pot you grew.

You could grow ditch weed, and someone somewhere would buy it.

But now that marijuana is legal in many states; market economics are taking hold.

This means that quality sells, which means that you need to grow quality cannabis to turn a profit.

Dispensaries these days are interested in high potency strains, especially those with interesting medicinal properties.

There is a huge market for high THC, high CBD, or other cannabinoid compounds.

There is also a considerable demand for tasty buds, something with hints of citrus, blueberry, or pine.

Start a Business

It doesn’t matter if you are growing cannabis, or carrots, you’ll need to start a business officially.

Especially if your goal is to start selling to dispensaries, you’ll need to follow all the official rules and regulations for owning and operating a business before anyone will buy from you.

Write a business plan, get the appropriate licenses, source financing, and hire experts in the industry.

A cannabis business plan only differs from a regular business plan in the sense that there are some more complex regulations to wrangle.

A cannabis farmer also needs to be a cannabis business.

Have Patience With the Process

If you are entering into the cannabis industry without any experience at all, the most important tool to have is patience.

Learning to grow marijuana is going to take some practice.

Getting a job in the industry isn’t going to happen overnight.

Developing a business plan, sourcing financing, and setting up the facility is going to take time.

Growing weed for dispensaries isn’t for people looking for a quick win.

Have patience with the process, as you learn about cannabis, get experience, and eventually hone your craft, the time will come when you can start selling directly to the dispensaries.

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